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Value Hearing Care was established in 2002 and was started to provide the best cost benefit in hearing aids along with a superior package of value added benefits for the hearing impaired customer.

Value Hearing Care was created from the ground up to minimize operating expenses and pass the resultant savings onto you in lower hearing aid acquisition costs.

Value Hearing Care works by appointment only, maximizes efficiencies, spreads advertising cost over many locations, and works on reduced profit margins while providing optimal patient care at reduced prices.

You hear with your brain not your ears. the ear converts sound waves to mechanical energy then to electrical energy which stimulates your brain- studies have shown that of the population with Alzheimer's disease they have double the incidence of hearing loss than for any body else in their age group.

We are dedicated to the belief that no one should be without a hearing aid because of financial issues. People who have communication disorders should not be stopped from getting help because of unrealistic retail prices.

Jason FicarraJoe Ficarra
Jason Ficarra & Joe Ficarra

Our Founder... Joseph M. Ficarra

Mr. Ficarra started in the hearing aid industry in 1965. He has served in executive positions of multi-national hearing aid manufacturing companies, retail audiology companies, hearing aid battery companies and in ENT hearing aid dispensaries. Mr. Ficarra is a licensed hearing instrument specialist. Click here to view complete hearing aid experience


In 2013 approximately 11.3 million hearing aids were sold worldwide and 2.6 million hearing aids were sold in the United States. 90% of the worldwide production of hearing aids is controlled by 6 multi-national hearing aid conglomerates who market their hearing aids under 27 different brand names. These six companies are Siemens, Oticon, Starkey, Widex, Phonak and GN-Resound. All of these hearing aids manufacturers purchase microphones, receivers, circuits and volume controls from the same component suppliers. All six of these manufacturers produce quality products. Some of these products have more features than others, however the actual discernible consumer listening/understanding difference is essentially the same. There is very little difference, if any, in hearing aids today because of computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing/production. All hearing aid factories have computerized quality control.

Hearing aids are basically prescription lenses for your ears. The benefit that the hearing aid provides is in direct proportion to the amount of damage done to your organ of hearing. For example if you have an 80% speech understanding score with hearing aids no hearing aid will change your speech understanding from 80% to 100% regardless of how much you spend. The difference in hearing aid features /cost /benefits is how well you will hear, what speech understanding you have left in a variety of noise environments.

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The success you will have with hearing aids is dependent on a variety of factors


  • Realistic hearing expectations
  • The hearing aid fitting expertise and counseling skills of the person you purchased the hearing aid from 
  • Choosing the hearing aids with the features and benefits which best compliment your lifestyle, cosmetic wishes & pocket book